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Aug 03 2012

Discovering My Classroom

It’s been a long while… I’ve posted a bit more on my personal blog, but haven’t felt particularly motivated to write here. I can hardly believe it is already August. Summer has flown by. Institute is over. Orientation starts next week. School starts the week after. Before ya know it, it’ll be Christmas by golly!
I have been able to spend many hours in my classroom this week. I’m inheriting the math teacher’s room so I have been sorting through millions (and I mean millions!) of little math manipulatives. First piles, then tubs, then shelves. It’s finally starting to come together and I was even able to put some posters on the wall today. I am very fortunate to be teaching at the school I was assigned to. It’s a wonderful public school here in Tulsa that is working hard to ensure that all of their students’ needs are being met. I…

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May 24 2012

Discovering How Much

Because I applied at the first deadline, I have been planning on it since the beginning of November.  That’s nearly 7 months now.  Needless to say, a lot can change in 7 months… and boy did they change. When I first was accepted, I was excited to get away.  I’d lived in Idaho most of…

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May 24 2012

Discovering Teach for America

** This experiences I outline in this post are probably VERY similar to the experiences of any incoming corps member and is not meant to be creative or enlightening.  I simply wish to record my thoughts and feelings from the very beginning….” I first heard of Teach for America more than a year ago.  I…

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